Aww yeaaa.

I needed to shoot more pictures for my photo class but this week has been awfully dark and rainy. With the weather all gloom, I had to quickly take these. Due to that I wasn’t in focus in a lot of them or not at a high enough shutter speed, so I may not use these for the project. Also, the assignment requires it to be in black and white¬† which kinda sucks, because I really like the colors!

My main idea was to get portraits in front of some cool graffiti background. I didn’t know where to look so I reached out to a San Jose community online. One commenter said I should check out the SJ Sharks mural on San Fernando and Delmas Ave. It’s relatively close to my campus so why not go?

After leaving this location it started to rain, eek!

P.S. You can find this graffiti location on San Fernando and Delmas Ave. as stated above. It’s nearby the HP Pavilion. The mural itself is actually behind “Delmas Market” (some store) in its parking lot.

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